PhaseiThe classroom session offers intense learning and interaction in a lecture and workshop environment. The workshops give students an opportunity to discuss and clarify lecture concepts and to use those concepts in problem-solving and decision-making exercises.  Students are trained according to current best practices in the snow and avalanche industry, utilizing US Observation Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States.


Pdf Icon Sample Classroom Agenda (from 2015)


Classroom session topics include: 

  • Mountain Snowpack
  • Avalanche Formation and Release
  • Terrain Analysis, Safe Travel & Terrain Management
  • Terrain Visual Displays, Tools & Application
  • Mountain Meteorology & Weather's Effect on the Snowpack
  • Weather Data Collection & Display
  • Snow Profiles, Stability Tests & Interpretation
  • Avalanche Protection Fundamentals
  • Explosives & the Snowpack
  • Explosive Programs & Oversight in the United States
  • Snow Safety Operations - A Day in the Life
  • Avalanche Rescue Fundamentals
  • Avalanche Rescue Technology
  • Analyzing Accidents & Decision Making
  • Effective Communication in an Operational Setting
  • Avalanche Hazard Evaluation & Practical Applications
  • Risk Reduction
  • Record Keeping
  • Wet Snow & Wet Avalanches
  • Difficult Avalanche Problems - Deep Slab & Post Control Release